Over 20 years of experience in growing blueberries has allowed us to achieve the highest quality. This is confirmed by the certificates obtained IP, GlobalGAP, BRC, TNC, guaranteeing customers that our fruit has the best taste and that we prepare it for shipment in accordance with the highest global standards.



At BerryGroup, we have introduced a solution that allows us to offer the highest quality products. The journey of fruit from the bush to the cold store takes less than 30 minutes. We have planned the entire process to have control over all stages of our collections. In particular, those that affect the level of service to our customers.


Fruit from a certified

We harvest fruit on our plantations by hand and machine. After this stage, they go to the cold store, where we ensure temperature optimization. They are then qualitatively assessed and carefully sorted. We select the best of them and offer them to our customers.

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